Working principle of Jia Chuang carpet bar machine


The production equipment of the carpet nail bar of the invention comprises a platform with a nail puncher, a first guiding groove with a feed pusher, a second guiding groove on one side of the first guiding groove, and a T-shaped connection between the second guiding groove and the first guiding groove. A push plate is arranged in the second guide groove, an adjustable pressure plate is arranged between the nail punch and the second guide groove, the width of the first guide groove is compatible with the width of the nail base plate, and the width of the second guide groove is compatible with the length of the nail base plate; and the first guide groove is sliding clamped with the push block. The second guide groove is connected with the push plate sliding clamping connection, and the punch of the nail punch is vertically downward pointing to the first guide groove; the nail punch comprises a row of nail boxes, the top of which is provided with a plurality of stamping rods, the stamping rods are connected with the stamping plate, the stamping plate connects the guide plate and the guide plate is through. The guide rod connects the platform and can move up and down along the guide rod. A hydraulic cylinder is arranged above the guide plate, which can realize the effective guiding transportation of the nail base material and the nailing operation under the nail punch. The product is standardized, the quality of the product is improved, and the processing efficiency is improved.

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